Meet our seminarians



Deacon Daniel Gilbert

1st Theology, St. Meinrad

1st Theology

St. Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology

200 Hill Drive St. Meinrad IN 47577

Hometown: St. Agnes Parish, Scottsbluff, NE


Dillon Spies

1st Theology, Kenrick school of Theology

1st Theology

Kenrick School of Theology

5200 Glennon Drive Saint Louis, MO 63119

Hometown: Resurrection Parish, Grand Island, NE



Chas Canfield

4th College, Conception Seminary College

4th College

Conception Seminary College

37174 State Hwy VV

Conception, MO 64433

Hometown: St. Leo's Parish, Grand Island, NE


Alec Hamik

2nd College, St. John Vianney College Seminary

2nd College

Saint John Vianney College Seminary

2115 Summit Avenue

St. Paul, Minnesota 55105

Hometown: Prince of Peace Catholic Church, Kearney, NE

Day in the Life

Follow a seminarian for a day to learn what it is like to live in a seminary community as you continue to discern God's call.  Watch the video below to see life in the day of a seminarian.  

4 Pillars of Formation


Spiritual Formation

Spiritual: " “For every priest his spiritual formation is the core which unifies and gives life to his being a priest and his acting as a priest” Pastores Dabo Vobis 45

"Those who aspire to be sent on mission, as the apostles were, must first acquire the listening and learning heart of disciples." Program for Priestly Formation 107

"To live in intimate and unceasing union with God the Father through his Son Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit is far more than a personal or individual relationship with the Lord; it is also a communion with the Church, which is his body... their spirituality draws them into the priestly, self-sacrificial path of Jesus. He is the one whose service finds its high point in giving his life as a ransom for the many. He is the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep 'so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.' He is the bridegroom who loves his bride, the Church, and handed himself over for her'." Program for Priestly Formation 108-109

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Academic Formation

"Intellectual formation . . . is a fundamental demand of man’s intelligence by which he ‘participates in the light of God’s mind’ and seeks to acquire a wisdom which in turn opens to and is directed towards knowing and adhering to God” Pastores dabo vobis 51, citing Gaudium et spes 15

"The basic principle of intellectual formation for priesthood candidates is noted in Pastores dabo vobis, no. 51: “For the salvation of their brothers and sisters, they should seek an ever deeper knowledge of the divine mysteries.” Program for Priestly Formation 137

"The overall goal of every stage of seminary formation is to prepare a candidate who is widely knowledgeable about the human condition, deeply engaged in a process of understanding divine revelation, and adequately skilled in communicating his knowledge to as many people as possible. Moreover, continuing education after ordination is a necessity for effective ministry" Program for Priestly Formation 138


Human Formation

Human: "The foundation and center of all human formation is Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh. In his fully developed humanity, he was truly free and with complete freedom gave himself totally for the salvation of the world." Program for Priestly Formation 74

"...the human personality of the priest is to be a bridge and not an obstacle for others in their meeting with Jesus Christ the Redeemer of the human race." Pastores Dabo Vobis 43

"In general, human formation happens in a three-fold process of self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and self-gift—and all of this in faith." Program for Priestly Formation 80


Pastoral Formation

Pastoral: "The basic principle of pastoral formation is enunciated in Pastores dabo vobis, no. 57, in its citation of Optatam totius, no. 4: “The whole training of the students should have as its object to make them true shepherds of souls after the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, teacher, priest, and shepherd.” To be a true “shepherd of souls” means standing with and for Christ in the community, the Christ who teaches and sanctifies and guides or leads the community." Program for Priestly Formation 238